FAD Team



Fanfare Designs is equipped with in-house fabrication facility. This ensures quality and seamless delivery of jobs. An 8000 sq. feet area to build, erect and assemble stalls, carry our prototyping, and R&D is available in Mumbai suburbs.

The technical team makes drawings and detailing which is meticulously explained to the fabrication team. This also ensures optimal use of materials, so that there is no wastage and the costs are in control while focusing on good quality.

A timely delivery is the most critical aspect of a successful exhibition event. We monitor the timelines with our team. Project supervisors provide regular updates on work in progress with images. These images are compared with the design and details given. Color swatches, paint finish swatches, material samples supporting all designs are checked by the design team to keep the actual design identical to the proposed one.

We take pride in comparing the proposed design with the actual finished structure. At Fanfare we deliver what we propose with conviction.